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Mazda Bongo/Ford Freda Circuit Swap Loom with Switch

Mazda Bongo/Ford Freda Circuit Swap Loom with Switch

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Mazda Bongo/Ford Freda Circuit Swap Loom. With Additional Switch

Used to swap circuits from the main battery (Starter) to the Leisure Battery (Underbonnet)
This reduces the risk of flattening the starter battery whilst camping.

Circuits swapped are:-
Internal Lights.
Stereo is put onto permanent feed 
OEM Power sockets at front and rear.
Electric Blinds (If fitted?).
Electric Folding Mirrors (If fitted?).

Please note, some new stereo's like Android units will draw a higher current than normal when in standby mode. This could result in running the leisure battery down a little quicker than anticipated. This kit is designed with the additional switch so you can turn off the stereo when away from the vehicle, or leave on when camping.
Please note. The power sockets are also switched off as they share the same OEM circuit.

Using high quality components, these kits are the best on the market.
Double insulated for extra protection with convoluted tubing.

The kits are made with safety in mind. The fuse box is positioned as close to the Leisure Battery Positive Terminal as possible to protect the vehicle from accidents or an issue where the wires may get trapped or cut and go to earth. We do not fuse over 500mm away from the terminal as some do.

Ready made with no crimping, soldering or terminating connectors onto wires, they come with simple to follow instructions. Also come with full telephone support if required, just call us. Details are inside the kit.
These instructions have come from a Bongo owner (over 10 years) and well experienced Auto Electrician. If you can use a spanner, you can fit this kit.

For peace of mind, please note Our Ethos is, Safety, Quality, Value.

Often copied....Never bettered !
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